Environmental Responsibility in Making Green Bathroom

Any discussion of green remodeling would be incomplete without talking about environmental responsibility. After all, at its heart, green remodeling is about living more harmoniously with our environment.
Our present way of doing things, including how we build and remodel our homes, is detrimental to the environment. Here’s some advice on how to shift your thinking green from an environmental standpoint, and reasons why it’s a good idea to do so.

• Use recycled building materials. Old lumber, trim, and door and window casings can all be re-used if removed carefully.
And if you’re willing to be flexible when it comes to design, perfectly good sinks, cabinet hardware, and ceramic and stone
tile, for example, can all be purchased from retailers who specialize in reclaiming and recycling old building materials.

• Use materials manufactured with recycled content. Be it cellulose insulation made from recycled paper and cardboard, or recycled content glass and ceramic bathroom tile, building materials made from recycled content help to reduce waste, require less energy to manufacture, and are equal to, or of higher quality, than most products made from virgin materials.

• Recycle construction and jobsite waste. Old porcelain toilets and other ceramics can be ground up and used to make
concrete, steel tubs can me melted down for the metal, and that ‘70s era sink that you think is hideous might be exactly
what a homeowner across town has been looking for all along.

• Increasing efficiency isn’t just good for your pocketbook. Whether it’s reducing the amount of fossil fuels needed to heat and light your bathroom, or eliminating wasteful use of a valuable natural resource like water, any steps you take to cut your home utility costs are beneficial for the environment as well.

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