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Maximizing Small Spaces

small spaces

Life in a small apartment could be as pleasant as if you were in a big house, depending on how you take advantage of your home´s area without giving away important aesthetic aspects. That seems to be the clue to feel perfectly comfortable. The two main issues to take into account when organizing and distributing your house are: 1- its available space and, 2- its inhabitants´ necessities. Space is a rare and expensive item, yet a good distribution of it can mean a profit. A small but well organized room could be more practical than a bigger yet poorly organized.
Space Planning.
So, before starting any new project, we should realize how we would like to live in the new ambiance  and what our needs are. Important questions should be made and answered: ¿How many rooms do I really need? ¿Shall one bedroom be enough? ¿Is it better to have an open area that includes kitchen, dining and living room o should these be separated? the kids´ room, ¿will it only have beds or does it need a playing space?
New times, new uses.
Changes in lifestyles have modified traditional uses of home space. In the past, a separated dining room was a must, whereas nowadays it can be perfectly integrated into the kitchen; TV was always watched at the living room, yet today it is common to watch it at  bedrooms. On the other hand, bathrooms in the past were just spaces for personal hygiene, whereas today they are considered to be a place for relaxation, too, which may require the necessity to install a jacuzzi, for instance.

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