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Measured kitchen appliances

Do you need special measured appliances, refrigerators with only 50 cm wide, mini dishwashers to wash no more than four services, washing machines 45 cm wide or very small ovens?

small app2

If your kitchen is unique you will probably need unique and very special appliances. Specials measures appliances are a new very strong demand.

Till some time ago kitchens were design thinking of some standard measures for the appliances. But if you like design, and especially if you have a small kitchen, you may want some of these measured appliances to make your kitchen more functional.

small app

Avaible special sizes are:

For refrigerators: 60 cm depth, 1.70 high or maybe half of it.

For washing machines and dishwashers: 60 cm wide, 65 cm depth and 85 cm high.

For ovens: as small as 32 cm dept, 42 cm wide and 38 cm high.

Microwaves are very flexible in sizes too.

The depth in many of these new appliances has been reduced to 45 cm and the same with the wide. This reduction affects the content of the appliance. Let’s say we have a dishwasher that can only wash a four set at a time, but as we are already talking about small kitchens we can assume it’s for a small house and maybe a small family, so it’s exactly what they need!

The most difficult appliance to reduce its size is the refrigerator, as we may have to sacrifice having a freezer, for example. There are some on the 50 and 60 cm tall, but you may need to think it twice to see if it fits your needs.

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