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Memorial Day 2012

APARTMENTS IN CONDOMINIUM For your accommodation, on the occasion of the Marathon of New York, Terramia a selection of apartments offers yourselves in which a stay of 5 is expected,  7 nights (Program Classic, Euroclassic and Art nouveau). The apartments are situated to Manhattan and to Jersey City, New Jersey. To Manhattan, in the zones of: Battery Park, Greenwich Village, Flatiron, Times Square, Central Park West. To Jersey City, in the zone to south of Hoboken, Waterfront. Terramia offers besides the option “Wide Check Out”, thanks to which you will be able to hold free of charge your apartment until the hours 14, rather than to the hours 12. You will be able therefore to spend a whole morning to New York, before go to the airport for the flight of return.

We find ourselves in southern end of Manhattan, precisely in the Financial District, the commercial and financial heart of the country, a zone that accommodates besides some of the historical places most important of the town. To the n. 8 of Wall Street you will be able to see the neoclassical facade of the Palace of the Bag, the New York Stock Exchange, while all west end of Wall Street, all’ angle with Broadway, rises the Trinity Church, built in 1698 and that for fifty’ years rhymed higher building of the town.

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