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Minimalist decoration

Minimalist decoration is an option that looks for simplicity and style. Today we will tell you more about this style and try to help you decorate your home!


Minimalist is not only decoration is more like a global view and it includes architecture, different arts and even music. The idea is that all the superfluous is eliminated and only the essential rest. This style looks for purity and sobriety.

The original inspiration of the minimalist decoration style is the traditional Japanese style. This has been taken by a dutch architect famous for his slogan “less it’s more”. Simplicity and functionality is the goal.

By definition the minimalist decoration is futurist and modern. New lines are design is very simple ways, creating harmony.


You can choose a special place in your house to try this style or you can make a style for the whole place. Anyhow, minimalist decoration is reflex of a mindset too.

In decoration terms geometric lines are always chosen, as well as simple textures and sober colours. At the same time, in a minimalist decorated space there will only be furniture that is necessary, anything else has no space in this style.

Illumination is also a big part of this style as it allows us to play with shades and create a specific kind of ambiance. Better if it’s natural (using big windows that also give us some feeling of open space), artificial lights can create a very special minimalist style.


A good idea for this kind of decoration where furniture is so few, is to play with colours, making combination and contrast with wall colours and carpets, for example.

Lofts are inspired in this style and create minimalist spaces by integrating different rooms (like the kitchen and living room).

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