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Modern furnishing: minimal and essential

The modern style of furnishing expects the accomplishment of environments minimal and essential, of environments therefore ordered in almost manic manner in which does not have to be us nothing out of place and in which all have to be geometrical in manner almost excessive sin. Actual for these features we can affirm that the environments furnished in modern style are functional environments, environments that allow to have us always all to carry of hand, but I am also very cold environments.

The modern furnishing does not be able therefore to to be considered like an ideal style of furnishing for all. Those who want to have a comfortable and familiar house, a rich house of heat and of emotions, necessarily should leave aside this style of furnishing and to choose rather alone some modern furniture to introduce however in simpler environments. To play with the spaces The spaces I am one of the central elements of the modern style of furnishing. With the modern furniture it is in fact possible to play with the contrast between empty spaces and full spaces arriving so to create a sort of mosaic in our residences, a made mosaic from you plug with angles quite outlined and precise lines and rights. To play with the spaces it means however also to optimize them.

The modern furniture I am in fact always of the valid solutions salvation. Here then that the modern furniture I am not only mobile blocks of forms that can be personalized based on the actual requirements but also and mobile above all convertible. Desks of small dimensions transform themselves in tables for suppers with a lot invited, low desks from smoke in tables from lunch, pouf in containers, sofas in marriage beds of large dimensions and so on for a rational space and always quite organizer. To play with the colors The modern style of furnishing loves a lot also to play with the colors.

This style is based utilization of colors rather neuters like the white one and the beige one, the black one and the Grey one or to the utmost the Bordeaux. These colors come chosen for the accomplishment of furniture and sat but come always accompanied from colors shining than be in total contrast with you are above all for how much pertains the complements of I furnish. The houses take on so an even more mysterious taste but to the same also cheerful time dampening a little’ that coldness that characterizes them.

The superficial of every piece of furniture of the house fish bones in intense manner become. The furniture, also the furniture of the kitchen or of the bath, lose in fact the handles or the knobs choosing for openings to magnet and become so superficial lacking whatever imperfection. The surface I am besides shining almost to mirror in manner that a return of reflections of exceptional beauty is yourselves and elegance. Also the superficial of the floors and of the coverings have to be fish bones in the same identical manner. Actual for this motive is stretched out to choose floors to mirror, you polish and created with tiles of large dimensions in manner that not the joining between a tile note themselves not even and the other.

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