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Modern touch

To recreate has a hugh place in our brain and also it should take a big part of our house. Clear, romantic and adapted in the Middle Ages, is built with strong and dark pieces, but at the same time well carved and glamorous. It transports you to the Victorian Era when people used time for decorating their particular activities and enviroment. In fact, the using of sober pictures, satin in windows or clothes, where one of the biggest ambicious of the human been.

Adapted to the XII Century, this one incluyes a sofabed, which is extraordinary, if you think about creation, performance and taking a break.

Finally, music takes place next to the window, where the natural light of the sun provides the melody of the farm.

There are other possibilities to take in account, as you can see in the catalogue: you may find rooms with a lot of fournitures, and usally, a flashy instrument put in the corner of the living. This options are a little bit modern, but the structure, the way it is thought is similar to the Middle Ages.

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