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The use of color is usually governed by common principles, similar to those that lead to the choice to wear or the color of the tint of the walls of the house to be combined with a determined personality and favoring or opposing a certain state of mind. According to color therapy, colors would support the body and mind find their natural balance, and physical and psychological effects they can stimulate or calm the body.

This concept was born “Monochrome” the new range of bed sets of Zambia Concept Spa, an immersion in different from the monochrome tones. Elegant, understated but cheerful at the same time in warm tones, monochrome gives energy, relaxes, excites, each color has its function.33_monochrome120

The range of monochrome and plain cotton consisting of:

Bed sets, sheets loose piqué bedspread, duvet covers, quilts and comforters with hypoallergenic stuffing. The collection is marked by a series of 22 colors, from classic ivory, powder pink, sky colors fashionable lilac, mauve, fuchsia colors stronger such as blue, green, metal, and cocoa color for all seasons connected according to their taste.

The monochrome products are connected to each other and with all the different collections Forgotten, to achieve the mix of color and style that is always unique.

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