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Moroccan style

The Moroccan style is a Mediterranean decoration trend, but as different languages and cultures are mixed in Morocco many the style is not simply Arabic.


The colours more used by this style are always vibrant, as red, green and blue. The silver colour is always present too, as the colours that are reference of the desert.

Fr a full Moroccan style big tropical plants and natural flowers an work perfectly as decoration. Textures and bricks are also part of this style.


Floors are usually decorated with big tiles, and can be on a terracotta colour.

One of the most important elements of the Moroccan style of decoration is the carved wood. We can see it in doors and furniture. Doors are usually of interesting character and protagonist in this trend. They are colourful and artistically decorated.

Carpets, lamps, lanterns and cloths hanging in the walls, mirrors and big curtains complete the style.


Decoration can also include stones, sources, pongs and everything that makes the room relaxing. Some modern technologies can also be included, creating a modernized decoration style. After all, the Moroccan style is flexible, integrating different styles and creating multicultural spaces.

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