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Mothers Day 2011

Among a tasty and colorful recipe, a poem, a greeting card and a special sweet words for Mother’s Day here is still a new idea and easy to make for Mother’s Day: a glass jar covered with colored threads. An object that can be achieved very simply with the kids and decorate the table on the day of Mother‘s Day. The object that you do will color and make the house even happier later. Mom can also use it as a vase on the nightstand in the bedroom.

As often happens best jobs for Mother’s Day are those made with objects found at home. Here is that here we use an old bottle of hot sauce that would be perfect, but check what you have in your house, even empty a bottle of wine will be fine.

Materials needed:

– Glass bottle

– Rainbow-colored threads of wool, of one or more of different colors

– Glue white vinyl

– Strip the green felt, the size of the bottle top choice

– Toothpicks

– Scissors

How the bottle decorated:

1. Make sure the bottle is clean and dry and then glue on the surface low Apply yourself to a height of about two centimeters.

2. Begin to wrap the wire on the bottom of the bottle. Helping to keep the wires close with toothpicks. As you add salt to the bottle of glue until you reach the top of the bottle.

3. Cut a piece of felt large enough to cover the edge of the bottle and not too long to do more than one lap. Allow to dry completely for about a day.

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