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NAMM 2012

THE EXHIBITORS TO THE SUMMER NAMM SHOW… for certainty that an of the most well-known musical firms of tools like the Gibson, will exhibit acoustic his guitars and electric and its electric lower parts to this American fair, in more will not be lacking an acoustic large tools of manufacturer house like the Martin & Co, well-known to the world for acoustic his guitars of excellent quality and finish. Other large firms that will be present I am the Yamaha, with the respective acoustic guitars will announce some novelty rather interesting.

Also the Ovation has given the actual adherence to participate this NAMM Show, but we do not know to say if the mark invented from Charlie Kaman (that left us actual this year to the attractive 92-year-old age!) will exhibit alone his guitars elector-acoustics or if will profit some occasion to present the last novelty in fact of guitars electric solid-body. Then also the brand Ibanez, so like to the Winter NAMM, will present again the actual products to this summer session of the well-known fair.

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