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New IKEA Catalog 2011


A set of solutions and product news of the great Swedish brand of furniture, all in a catalog. With Volvo and Abba is one of the big names come from the cold north Sweden.

IKEA is a company that has revolutionized the world of fact.

In a few years was able to write a completely different vision of what home means. Now in Italy for more than twenty years is one of the few companies whose catalog becomes an object waited, waited, peeled, and also used recycled. The catalog this year as complaints ‘Every house has a story to tell,’ because everyone in your home puts part of himself, puts a piece of heart in what we choose to close it and live it. Over the years, IKEA has offered all furniture and furnishings at affordable prices also offering services ranging from consulting on the design for the transport of furniture. The assembly is no longer just a hobby or a challenge to those who buy, or for larger environments with lots of accessories is also provided the installation service.


It starts from the living room as a framework for meeting the family but also for relaxation and rest with furniture, tables, bookcases, sofas and all the accessories (rugs, TV, curtains, magazine holders, paintings, boxes, candles, frames, pots, etc.) accessories that you can find in a section with many more articles and details.

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