Written by Tendenzias

Organize your garden into a fanciful way

The garden is part of the house of great interest, and those lucky enough to own one, knows how to be satisfactory over time to its care and its furnishings, in order to make it a fundamental part of their home. In some ways, the garden is precisely a kind of business card that anticipates our guests will find then that in our house.

To make our garden we must choose the most appropriate medium for the manufacture of our house. Once built the house, you must create the right external environment could be in harmony with our home. Try to create a scenario to be discovered little by little, on different levels and by matching, in succession, the following components: earth, wood, water, rock and vegetation.

This will indicate the movement of life, with all the pauses of calm. If you want to attach the stones to your garden, better to use those consumed from the sea. Regarding the vegetation, opt for that spontaneous, with plants and flowers that are compatible with the current season.

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