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Paint without smell

Painting is the quickest change to renew your house and give it some fresh air. But sometimes we feel a bit discouraged because painting end up making the house stink, and our so expected fresh air ends up being a very toxic ambiance.

How do we avoid the smell while painting?

painting wall

There are some tricks and ideas you may want to try in order to be able to paint your house without having those headaches caused by the strong smell of paint.

Use vanilla essence, the same you use to cook or even better those that are concentrate and you usually use to burn in small ovens and fight bad smell in the house. Add a spoon of the essence in each jar of paint, mix very well and use normally (if you use the concentrate oil, make sure the paint you’re using is oil base, otherwise you risk to ruin it!)

A practical advice is to put a cube with water in the middle of the room. Usually the water absorbs the smells and neutralizes the smell of the paint.

Finally, because bad smell has to be fought with bad smell, cut some onions and place them around the room. As with the water, they will absorb the bad smell.

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