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Parquet in bathrooms and kitchen?

parquet in bathroom

Once a family decides to install parquet in its home, a question arises immediately: should it be installed in the bathrooms and kitchen, too, or it would be better to place ceramic in those areas instead? It is quite a valid concern, since bathroom and kitchen are usually humid areas, where water is always present, and traditionally said natural element has not been very “parquet friendly”. In addition, constant changes in temperature, also present in these areas, are not good for parquet, either. On the other hand, using parquet in parts of the house´s floor and ceramic in others, breaks said floor´s uniformity; in other words, the combination of both covers could become aesthetically unfortunate.
The solution to this dilemma, though, is easier than you may imagine. In fact, several options exist. One is to install a special synthetic parquet, designed specifically for bathrooms and kitchens (there are quite many brands available in the market). It may be a little bit more expensive than regular laminated parquet, but the results are worth the investment.  Another solution, that works both for synthetic parquet and for natural (also known as wood or solid) parquet is to use some special products that would make the parquet waterproof  and even avoid joints to get too dirty. There are several brands that manufacture this type of products; as an example, we could mention the one called Sigilpark, which is easy to find in any specialized parquet store. By the way, these products are not expensive (Sigilpark would cost some 30 euros for a bottle of 1 litre, enough to treat 10 to 15 square meters of floor).

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