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Simply Personalized Your Candle Holder at Your Home

An important accessory for candle is Candle holder. At present people have many options to choose candle holders. They are so many colorful additions to decor your home. Also you can choose decorative plate candle holders on which to set your pillars. Candle holder shaped like small lamp with shade adds soft light to any room. There are also many beautiful glass cup candle holders in the market to hold your votive candles.

Here are a few creative ways to create totally unique and personalize candle holders to décor your home. You can start it by making wire wraps. String small beds on thin gauge wire and wrap it around the stems of stemmed candle holders for an elegant touch and gorgeous looking.

If you have thicker candles such as pillar candles, you can press the beads into the surface of the candle according to space. A warm candle can makes it easy to press the beads in and seed beads work great for this kind of decoration but here you can use any type of beads as you like. Press them according to a desired pattern or randomly press the beads around the candle surface. Again, you can use different size beads to create and interesting effect as well as beads of different colors.

Here is also a way to personalized candle holders is by etching them or imprinting them with unique messages, sayings or quotes. If you are not the crafty type, by including witty quotes you can use the power of words to let your guests know that you appreciate their presence. For a birthday party, use these candle holders as party favors and include messages. The quotes will make your guests laugh at not only the humorous approach, but remember you as a fun-loving and cheerful friend.

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