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Personalized libraries

Do you have a library at your house? Do you want those bookshelves to look stylish? We will tell you how to combine beauty and functionality to make a lovely and modern library.

With the next collection of pictures we want to show you how to use the space in an intelligent way, integrating your books into the room style, even making them part of the decoration.


The first step to design your own personal library is to think on your needs. How many books do you have? How much space will your library need? Do you have a special room for it or the books will be integrated in a different space? Do you want to read in the same room? Will your library be for work or leisure?


When we are talking about shelves design and ideas for personalized libraries, you can take your own plan to a designer and he’ll combine your needs, what you want and the space you have, to make an unique library.

Pladur is a standard material that works very well for shelves and it’s inexpensive. It’s made of two layers of cellulose covering an internal layer of plaster. This material has a nice finishing and allows different options, as paper, varnish and even tiles. Libraries made in this material are great to support weigh.


Wooden libraries and other materials

You can mix Pladur with natural wood. This option gives you more variety in the styles for your library: classic, avant-garde, rustic, juvenile, ethnic and many more. You can also mix other materials as aluminum, acrylic, etc. If your library is design by a professional everything will be integrated.


You will probably end up having the library of your dreams, making much more personal your own living room and giving life to the room.

Modular furniture

Modular furniture can integrate library, television and space for music, and other objects. All kind of designs, different sizes and good price, these are the advantages of these libraries.


Modules are adaptable to different positions and you will be able to personalize this piece of furniture to your needs. The price is usually very good and you have them in wood, plywood, aluminum, acrilic.

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