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Picture frame decorating tips

A great way of revamping a room in your home cheaply and quickly is the use of picture frames, both as a method to hold photographs and prints or as simply a feature point.


An inexpensive photo frame bought from a discount store or charity shop can be decorated to create different and personalised looks. If you are handy with a paint brush, you could paint your own design onto the frame. For those less confident in their artistic skills, rubber stamps or stencils are a great alternative.

Rather than placing photographs in frames, a novel idea is to attach them to a piece of string, then hang on the wall. Check out Photojojo to see how effective this small design feature can be.

Charity shops and second-hand stores are great places to get a variety of frames in different sizes and designs. It can be just as effective to buy four or five of these frames at minimal cost and hang on the wall for an interesting feature aspect.


Any four pieces of wood can be used as a frame. For a nautical or natural looking frame, use pieces of driftwood that you have found at the beach or perhaps the wood from old table or chair legs.


Picture frames are a great way to change the look of a room without blowing the budget.

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