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Pictures, frames and paintings


One of the most important decorating elements in a house, believe it or not, are the frames hanged on walls. An empty wall will certainly give the impression of an empty, impersonal house, one with no permanent residents. On the other hand, the pictures you decide to hang on your home’s divisions will describe your personality and taste; they will tell to visitors exactly who you are.

In the first place, paintings and their frames have to match each other and with the rest of the house’s decoration. One very modern painting would not look good if surrounded by a baroque frame, for instance; even if the painting and the frame go well together, they have to be in harmony with the furniture and other decorating elements; in other words, a decorating style should include the paintings and their frames. A modern decoration, to set an example, would not include a big painting with a golden, elaborated frame.

In addition to styles, paintings and their frames have to be adequate in terms of space, of proportions. If you have a small apartment with small furniture, too, big paintings and frames would not match. It would be better to use two or three small ones than one big painting, even if the wall is big enough.

Another issue has to do with combining originally painted oil on canvas drawings with reproductions. This would not be a good idea. As a matter of fact, exact reproduction of famous paintings (like Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa) are consider to be of very bad taste. Reproductions can be used if they represent modern works (like Andy Warhol’s serial portraits, for instance).

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