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Plan your cupboards and bookshelves with IKEA

One of the most important aspects when decorating your living room, ahead of the sofas, the coffee table or the dining table and its chairs, is designing the storage space. Believe it or not, it is fundamental, since you will have to place not only books, chinaware and glasses and adornments, but also your TV, DVD, music equipment, may be a PC, and so on. So planning this storage space in advance in order for taking full advantage of it, seems an essential first step.

IKEA, this Swedden Do-It-Yourself (DIY) furniture store, has an unlimited catalog for bookcases, shelving units, wall shelves, cabinets, sideboards, DVD and CD furniture and related stuff. But the most important thing is that it can also help you to put all these furniture in place adequately.

We are talking about a simple yet very effective software that you can find in IKEA’s webpage, very similar (do not worry, is less complicated than it looks) to the IKEA  Home Planner 3D  that we explained in a past post.

this program allows you to either start from scratches or to chose from a predesigned bookshelf, for instance. If you chose the first option, for instance, then you just place the measures of the wall in the program and start picking stuff; just by clicking and dragging into the plan. The advantage is that you can undo as many times as you want.

Once the plan is finished, all you have to do is printing it, checking if is OK, and then take it with you to an IKEA store and start buying the pieces (the plan will tell you the codes); bring them home and enjoy assembling the furniture!

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