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Playing with tones and textures

The bathroom is considered one of the most private places of the house. The atmospherea is also different: once you are in this part of the house you feel fresh, relax and quiet. It is not common to find big windows, that’s why is our interest to highlight the illumination, materials and techniques to deal with. Nowadays automatic lights simplifies the entrance to dark places, like bathrooms and basements. To have many of these next to the door and in the shower will make you feel comfortable, specially if you are in a hurry or looking for relaxation. Besides, you could well link it with manual lights with a very sophisticated job itself. The material is also important: you can mix marble and wood around the washbasin, combined with bronze tap, in order to keep the luxury of the place. Nevertheles, with the intention to make it spacious, it is recommended to use different shades of colors.

If you have a look at the catalogue below, you’ll find differents options for you to make your bathroom with the materials and methods mentioned before. But you will also find one more detail: it has a window close to the bath, with a garden view that lights the place so you will not need lots of artifitial effects to give spaciousness to the enviorement. Apart from that, as you can see in te mirror, it is placed next to the main room with an important window, that’s to say that you have natural light enough to live with.

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