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Prevention at work – colors

c8cOften, excessive fatigue of eyes, which could cause great stress and other disorders, comes from the involuntary constant effort of the eye by adapt to adverse contrasts of colour or evade the action of strong glare. It is not enough that there light enough in the workplace, but also, that colors are properly prepared.

North Carolina workers must be watching blue denim as a maqui strips to quickly drag than their eyes. Previously, the walls were white, colour that it had chosen to obtain good light, but when workers temporarily formed Denim Blue eyes and their way to the white of the wall seemed see some orange or yellowish. This phenomenon is called accidental image, which is that, when one looks closely one color and then he retired looking across, is presented in the retina by the effort of rehabilitation of the eye, an image of the complementary color of the first. The girls back again the eyes in denim, needed several seconds to recover normal vision. A specialist in colors troubleshoot related this problem effectively, Indian paint the walls of colour yellow or orange, i.e. a complementary to blue.

The science of colors produced several of his best results not only with brilliant colour but with pure white and black. The effects obtained are entirely physical nature, and due to the fact that the black absorbs heat and white refuses. A factory paint white ceiling that has black tar with short-lived paint coating every spring, thus decreases in various degrees inside temperature throughout the summer. When it comes to the autumn, atmospheric agents have already destroyed the painting and during the winter, black tar, with its high absorbent power roof mitigates the cold inside the building.

New York instruments factory reported due to conditioning has increased production by 15% and also the workers work more eager and are happier and the number of absences to work has fallen 60%.

The principles of the science of colors have known when Newton, looking for a glass Prism discovered the solar spectrum, but recently has begun to use in practice.

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