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Redecorating doors and carpentry

Carpentry  (doors,  stairs, etc.) in any house is an outstanding element, so it can embellish or ruin its decoration. The best thing to do is to integrate it into the home’s style and to use just one material (wood, for instance). If you are tired of the aspect and of the material of the doors of your house, but you think that replacing them would be too expensive, following are some tips that may change your perception about it.

· The structures (frames) influence glaringly the price of the doors. The most economic are those of hollow framework covered with sheets of wod. The semi-massive ones are a bit “showier”, we mean those that are stuffed of agglomerate and covered in massive wood.

· Regarding the opening system, conventional ones are more economic than the sliding panels. Nevertheless, a solution exists to save not only money, but space too: the folding doors of PVC with finishing in wood.

· Another solution for not increasing the price of the doors is to choose them of a standard measure. And regarding thickness, choose always doors from 3,5 cm thick.

· If what you wish is to make a minimal expense, you can choose just to paint the doors, giving it a different finishing (stripping, lacquer, etc.) or a lick of paint in an intense color, should the decoration of your house be modern.

· Decorate with vinyls over the already existing painting will give doors a totally different image. You will find models who cover totally and others that are drawings and that can be placed in the lower part of the doors, or in a corner.

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