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Redecorating your living-room

living room

Redecorating our living-room can be an economic task if we do it ourselves; nevertheless, chances are that everything goes out badly if we do not adopt the proper decisions with respect to the type of materials and the combination of ideal colors for the environment. Therefore, following are some guidelines that can serve as reference for re-decorating with good style your house (and without paying more).


  • Above all, bear in mind what type of changes you want to make in the living- room. Try to elaborate a general plan for the changes. If is only a question of giving it more light, changing the floor or giving it a radial change to the space then the job is relatively easy.
  • Checks all the publications about decoration related to what you plan to do for your living-room. In some cases it is possible that you find a brilliant idea for your house or that you get inspired looking at a variety of modern furniture to create a very personal and elegant environment. The more you look, the more definite ideas you will have; write them down and draw your sketch.
  • Pay attention to the lighting of your living-room. You will see if it is sufficient or you must change it to improve your environment. Bear in mind that the effect of the light stimulates our senses and gives us the idea of a cozy space. Likewise, probably all you will need is complementing with more lamps.
  • It will be necessary to decide whether you need to change furniture or not. If the design is actual, maybe only need to re-drape it; if not, you can change the fabrics into some that go well with the new style, but never stick them to the wall, because they will look “squashed”.
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