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Replacing your home’s floors


To change the already existing floors or to decide which we are going to install in our new house, is a complex task that involves different aspects: the use that every space is going to have, the decorating style for the house and, certainly, the price, which would be the main decisive factor.

To begin with, it is important to point out that you do not have to choose only one type of pavement for the whole house. On the contrary, you can combine different flooring: for the bedroom you could use the ones that provide more warm (as wood, for instance); and for the rest of the house, the one that may be most resistant (ceramic, for example).

Before choosing the appropriate flooring, you have to take the conditions of the places where you are going to place it; in very humid zones, as baths and kitchens, it is more advisable a flooring easy to maintain, as those of ceramics or laminated surface (with a special treatment).

To obtain an effect of continuity and extent, we advise to choose big formats. One of the advantages of the current flooring available in the market is that they offer the possibility of being installed without having to take the previous one out, which saves money, and avoids doing troublesome works that will get the whole house dirty.

Regarding the price, bear in mind that not always the most expensive are those who better adapt to your way of life, since they are usually more delicate and difficult to maintain. You should also value the use that they are going to have, if you have small children or pets, choose resistant ones, with non-slipping finishing and easy to clean.

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