Written by Tendenzias

Restore the Refrigerator:

Sometimes it may happen that the fridge at home is in good condition but its appearance is not the best, perhaps because with the use, over time, is worn, despite being left intact its performance. So what to do? It would be a shame to throw it or put it aside.The only solution that remains is to give a beautiful restored to the exterior of your fridge, maybe acting with imagination and creativity. Let’s see how we can change appearance to our refrigerator.

First you buy the wallpaper, take your pick of the fantasy of color, there are really all tastes and all budgets and needs. First you try to apply over the entire visible surface of the refrigerator, the water of the cementite. After one day, on the sides of your refrigerator water glaze. Then you have to lie on a side of the wallpaper, which are corresponding measures of the refrigerator. To implement this operation is tailored to cut the wallpaper to be applied on each side of the fridge. It is a method that takes a lot ‘of time, but worth it because you recovered a major appliance for your home.

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