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Roche Bobois

Roche Bobois is a French enterprise that introduces us to an interesting collection of furniture for this 2011. Roche Bobois collections are design in collaboration with interior designers, architects and artists to offer the best to the clients


Beauty and functionality are the basic principles that guide the production of Roche Bobois furniture.

Roche Bobois is the world leader on creation, edition and distribution of furniture. Every singles piece of furniture offered by Roche Bobois is the fruit of the narrow collaboration work between the brand, the designers and the makers.


Roche Bobois is also a sign of the dynamism that distinguish the segment these days, launching a new collection every six months, adapting to the demands and high standars of the clients.

The brand has a worldwide presence, with an international network of more than 240 stores in 40 countries.


These are some of the collections product of the collaboration with different artists, architects or designers:

  • Métropolis collection of the 40 years of Roche Bobois by Iosa Ghini
  • Collection Ping Pong of Paola Navone
  • Sofa Comet of Vladimir Kagan
  • Collection Right Bank of Christophe Delcourt
  • Line Speed Up of Sacha Lakic
  • Table low Cute Cut3 by Cédric Stocky
  • Sneaky collection of Daniel Rode
  • Collection Assembly of Stéphan Lebrun

Some of these creations were present at the time of the exhibition Mobi Boom in the Museum of the Decorative Arts in Paris.


Do you want to know more about Roche Bobois and their collections? Don’t miss out the latest designs.

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