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Rooms with no natural light

In this article we will try to explain how to illuminate and decorate spaces without natural light, trying to make disappear the feeling of confinement and making the rom look bigger than it is. With our advice any room with little or no natural light in your house, could be as nice as the rest.

downstairs modern house

* Use bright colors. If we have a big wall the best is to paint it with a clear and bright colour that will make the room more spacious and will reflect any artificial light. White is always a good option, but beiges or clear yellows would give a more cozy feeling. Using warm colours for the decoration and the furniture, like dark reds, browns and beiges, will make the light less artificial and will give the room a nice atmosphere.

* Contrast. A good idea is to choose some dark furniture to create contrast. Chairs, tables, or wall decoration, the idea is making contrast using always warm colours. Dark furniture will give the sensation of natural shade, and that’s what we are looking for.

* Use the right illumination. Rooms like basements, with low roofs, don’t let us hang lamps. Our advice is to use lights that go on the wall; table or foot lamps are also a good idea.


* Make that room part of your house. This is an advice for people decorating their basement, for example Every room in your house is part of it, and every room can be nicely decorated following this kind of ideas. Small rooms with little light sometimes are forgotten and left unused in big houses. But they can easily be useful when properly decorated.

* Plants. Finally, plants always give happiness to the atmosphere, while they eliminate the toxins of the air and they offer oxygen. But, as we are talking about room with no natural light, you may want to get plants that can survive in these conditions.

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