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Rustic decoration

We have many times given you tips to make a rustic and country style at home. Today we want to tell you a little bit more about how to make your rooms and spaces look fabulous with this creative style.

For that we have been looking at pictures of old countryside houses, decorated in a traditional style and with quite rustic wooden furniture. This style is great for houses outside the cities and if you want to fel a little bit more like in a grandma’s house.


If you don’t like modern and minimalist styles, the traditional is always trendy. With some renovation work you can have a rustic style at home, restoring furniture that has had many lives and creating a quite unique atmosphere.

The main thing you have to keep in mind while decorating using this style is that finishing shouldn’t be perfect. It’s part of the charm!


Also, used and old furniture, as long as is still useful, is a great decorating idea. Especially ideal to create that old ambiance. This can also be simulated using sanding paper and black patina.

As you can imagine wood is the main character in a rustic decoration. But there also some tricks to light up your room. Natural colours, not too dark, especially rustic yellows or light browns can give the space a very old fashion country style. These colours are also amazing when combined with dark wood.


The best places to find old furniture are garage sales or old bazaars. And not only big furniture we are talking about but also a lot of accessories that you can probably add to your furniture in the restoring process to give them the style you want.

This is a great style for those who like furniture and decoration with history and personality, and, overall, a quite cheap option to decorate.


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