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San Valentine’s Decoration

Trends for San Valentine 2011.

Why not to decorate our house following the trends of love this year? It could create a festive ambiance and it will definitely be perfect for the lover’s day.

candle love

This year the protagonist in decoration will be the heart shape. The idea is that happy red hearts will be everywhere. Hearts can be made using different materials as fur, plastic, paper, fabric, or whatever you can think about. And the idea is to put them everywhere: on the windows, on the table, on the mirrors, in the bed; but also in hidden places as draws and pockets.

We also can include the heart design in little appliances we maybe going to use the Valentine’s Day. For example: a holder for a bottle of wine, napkins, a lamp, the wine glasses. Can you think in any others?

love sign

Part of the decoration could be a game with a price to be found following certain kind of little hearts around the house or little love messages.


As usual when we want to create a romantic space we can forget candles and flowers. Creating a low light room will smooth tensions and make the time and place unforgettable. Personally, I would recommend red roses if you want to create a sensual environment or any white flowers if you want to make emphasis in a more naïf style.

hearts bed
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