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Security at home, reinforcing doors and windows


security at home

Nowadays, security at home is a concern that has to be dealt with. Crime has increased even in small town communities, so when buying a house, for instance, remodelling and decoration has to keep in mind protection, too.  Both concepts –beauty and safety– are not antagonists. There are ways to harmonize them.

Regarding doors, the better security measure is to install an armoured one, that is, one which has a steel sheet and is covered with any decorative material, as wood, for instance, so it would not look like a nuclear shelter. But in addition to that, a security lock system is a must. Those that have a special type of key -difficult to duplicate- are recommended, specially if the system has fixations on the four sides of the door once it is locked.

As for windows, one thing that you should consider is to install metal bars around them. A lattice may look like you are in a jail, you may think, but that is not the case should you choose a decorative one, with ornaments and painted in a nice colour. Other possibility would be to install security glasses on your windows. Yet the advantage of lattices over hard glass is that with the metal bars you can leave the window opened and still be protected.

Another basic security measure is to install an alarm system, either with cameras or just connected to the police or a private security company. The only annoying thing is that several times the alarm will be activated just by a domestic animal passing by.

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