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Sliding Doors

As is known, then the doors are present in high numbers in specific parts of the house, so as to define entire quasi-isolated rooms, these passageways, such as entrances or passageways communicating with multiple rooms. There is a very interesting model of doors especially if you have special needs spice: these are the sliding doors. At the present time on the market are of different materials and styles to fit all budgets, Sliding doors, both internal and external (also known as the doors “to treasure”) not to commit square feet for the ride of the same door. These can be camouflaged with the wall, for aesthetic reasons when you do not want to break the linearity and continuity of an architectural space, or when you want to play with a see / not see it in special cases (the back door, cabin door closet or bathroom, etc. . .)

Of central importance is the material of which the doors are made or covered, there are many models on the market, from traditional wood to the luminous glass, from metal to paper, textiles from the skin, etc.. Harmony by similarity or contrast with the environment will be the only principle that can accompany your choice.

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