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Glass Opens Up Small Bathroom Spaces

Creativity makes a big difference when coping with small spaces. Whether in urban areas where space is at a premium
or in older homes where the emphasis is purely on the functional use of space, people want to improve appearance and style without knocking down walls. Have no fear: What you lack in square footage can be made up in ingenuity.
If home renovation is on your to-do list, a bathroom remodel is one of the smartest investments you can make.

One way to enhance a cramped bath-room is to open the space visually by creating an “invisible wall” with a clear glass shower enclosure. Removing visual barriers, such as opaque shower enclosures and bulky shower curtains, can open the space dramatically and add depth. Clear glass enclosures will also showcase rich materials such as granite, marble and travertine
selected for the shower surround. Custom shower enclosure shops report that unless homeowners have had clear glass enclosures before, they don’t know they can face a challenge in keeping up the appearance of their new invest-ment. In a shower’s high-heat, high-humidity environment, clean-ing chemicals, soap and shampoo can cause corrosion and staining of
the glass over time. Some home-owners will attempt to protect the glass by applying spray-on or wipe-on treatments, but these coatings eventually wear off.
A permanent solution to the problem of keeping your shower glass looking like new is now available. ShowerGuard™
glass from Guardian Industries is sealed through a patented ion beam process during manufacturing. ShowerGuard glass resists the corrosion that makes enclosures impossible to clean making it an excellent option for any bathroom remodel.To learn more about glass shower enclosures and to locate a dealer in your area, visit www.ShowerGuardGlass.com.

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