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Some suggestions to restructure your home


Home improvement is an important step. This you can do by yourself if the walls remain where they are, if you have to do is replace the floor, redoing a bathroom, upgrading the electrical system or move a door. In such cases we should not require municipal permits and it is not obligatory to consult an expert (architect, engineer or a surveyor). It is necessary to a professional, when jobs are more demanding, for example, if you break down and rebuilt the walls.


In any event, count on the help of a good technician can be used to hold all phases of work, by killing the finish, the request for quotations to control costs and prices by construction companies. In the case of a complete renovation of the steps are simple: first of all you need to estimate your needs with the architect, who will continue with the relief of space to rearrange and propose one or more objects in principle.

Once you have decided project which is aimed at creating, the technician will prepare and sign permits to be submitted to your municipality. The timing of the first period depend on the size of the work shall be construed to create. In the simplest case, for example, an apartment with no typical architectural requirements, it takes thirty days after submission of the case to commence work. The architect will proceed to the final designs, more detailed, they are well established materials, finishes and colors, and prepare a list of works to create and buy materials. The company’s choice will be based on different parameters: the price, timing of implementation, and the references (it is always useful to contact previous customers to keep informed about their level of satisfaction). Once it was established that the final draft, the Committee has obtained the permits and you have chosen a construction company, work can finally begin.

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