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Some tips for painting a DIY!


One of the first things to do is buy the materials to use for your work. Go into any DIY store and make dates to buy sheets of glass, plastic sheets, and the color to repaint the room or house. After you have purchased the materials, begin to move the furniture in the room you want to repaint the center of the room and put it with a plastic sheet that you have bought, then glue the paper around the rubber door frames, windows, baseboards and around the to the plates of the lamp buttons.

You begin to rub with sandpaper to paint all the walls, so as to remove the smallest gradients present on the wall itself and thus make the walls perfectly smooth. Now put old newspapers on the ground, because you start plastering the ceiling.guide-to-painting-a-home-exterior

To avoid too much fatigue, and painted the ceiling with the roller extendable handle. Painted around the ceiling, and not worry about the angles that go in the later with the brush. Waiting on the ceiling to dry, let’s give the first coat of paint on the walls.

The walls are stained with the brush according to a precise technique. In fact, when wet the brush in the paint, and then we’ll paint the walls, giving two or three horizontal strokes, then two and three vertical strokes in the same area. In this way the coloring is very homogeneous with no drips.

Once painted the walls at first hand, apply a second coat to the ceiling Always use the roller. Then again we’ll give the second coat on the walls, and on a scale we’re going to end up with the brush the corners between the ceiling and walls. The work is now almost complete!

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