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St Patrick’s Day 2012

In 2011, the week of the Festival of St. Patrick (17-20 March) is celebrated in Dublin in style, with music, street theater, fashion shows and up to 4,000 artists will perform and join the fun. In the full program of events involving the whole island, Wexford will host the Skyfest, a great show of fireworks on the river Shannon. In Galway the atmosphere heats up with a number of actors participating in the parade. Counties Armagh and Down are celebrating.

Patrick with the biggest celebration of all Northern Ireland. Those who wish to discover the beauty of the landscape, and may participate in the annual St. Patrick’s Day walk free, an excursion to discover the holy places connected to life. And if the great Cork celebrates with a festive colorful and full of surprises, in Belfast, the atmosphere is that of a real carnival. All cities, villages and towns of the island will be provided to the celebrations that wherever you are in Ireland, you can immerse yourself in Irish traditions and share the holiday spirit that animates the island during the week of S. Patrick.

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