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Storage and decoration

decorated boxes

Together with boxes, baskets and trunks are ideal for taking advantage of storage as an element of decoration and for organizing open storage systems (like closets and racks). They allow the easy transport of things within the house, too.
First of all, before choosing a container  you should think about the use it will have,  that is, what stuff is going to be kept inside it;  secondly, where you are going to place it (what the available dimensions are),  whether it is going to be visible or not  and if it is supposed to be eventually displaced from one place to other (does it need wheels, for instance?)
Should you need to use boxes, try them in colors, better if they are made of wood or plastic (cardboard ones are not as resistant to water and weight).
For bathrooms and bedrooms, wicker baskets are ideal not only for storing small stuff (like creams, brushes or pens) but towels, bed clothes and toys as well.
Larger wooden boxes can be used not only as storage devices but as auxiliary tables.
On the other hand, trunks can sometimes have the same use as these big wooden boxes. However, they are more useful for storing clothes for long periods, as well as books, photo albums, etc.
When using any of these kind of containers, you should keep in mind how easy it is to forget about what is inside them. That is why transparent boxes, for instance, are so helpful. In the other cases, it is convenient to place labels in a not to visible place to identify the content.

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