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Taking care of your basement


Our house’s basement is usually a forgotten space, used probably just to store stuff. Yet it can be a source of obnoxious problems,  so a proper care have to be given to this room once in a while to avoid severe complications. Following are the most common problems a basement faces and how to solve them.

Dampness. This problem can have different origins: filtrations (from the contiguous house), water leaks from pipelines or it can come from the soil and ascend for the walls. In this case it is important that a professional diagnoses which is the source of the dampness and recommend the best solution. To solve filtrations or water leaks sometimes is necessary to puncture the wall, to fill it with mortar, to waterproof it and then to paint it; if the origin is in the soil, you will have to dig into it until the source is find and repair. This work can last for several days and you will have to vacate the room. Sometimes the problem is condensation. The lack of ventilation produces spots of mildew . In this case it is possible to resort to simpler solutions, as installing ceiling ventilators, and to place extractors, that support the air in constant movement. The dehumidifiers also help to improve the quality of the air of the basement.

Cracks. It is recommended to check thoroughly the walls and verify for possible fissures and repair them (with mortar and paint). Pipelines.The pipelines, especially if the installation is ancient, can produce problems. The most common is the terrible smell proceeding from the outlets. If it is an occasional problem, you can uses a domestic trick. For example, spills in the outlet a mixture of 200 ml of vinegar, half a liter of boiling water and 100 g of bicarbonate. If the smell is constant and unbearable, the problem may come from a fault in the construction so professional advice will be required.

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