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The Bath


Increasingly rare in the bathrooms of the present time, the bathtub has transformed itself gradually. Who looks for the luxury of a bathtub in fact present often opts for modern solutions that are able to provide moments of relaxation and pleasure. Hence the classical bath is often replaced by real solutions wellbeing: jetted tubs, solutions that fit sauna and Turkish bath. On the other hand there are those who seek the tank to give a strong feature retro to its own bathroom, and resort to tanks with a paw of an animal as he was walking to the baths of nobility in 1800.

The point on the bathtub bathroom needs to be studied carefully; otherwise you run the risk of compromising the usability of the entire bathroom.RTEmagicC_4a76d83490.jpg

Who has enough space often prefers to put the bath perhaps in a slightly elevated position on one or more steps, almost suggested the idea of a small temple of wellbeing.

The bathroom in a raised position allows for more to enjoy more time to relax.

Note in this case to provide the walls with handrails to avoid slipping hazard. Still on the location of the tank one of the solutions with the largest effect is to position the long side adjacent to a window. The external light that filters in the bathroom create an atmosphere appropriate, and the possibility of further offers peek outside the well-being, such as being immersed in hot water while outside the rain falls. To remember is that those who prefer large-size bathtubs is the case with the plumber to prepare an ad hoc system for filling the tank. If not, in fact, you may have to wait different times before being allowed the coveted bathroom.

Finally, it is also good that you get along with your architect; in fact, the volume of water that can contain the larger tanks is that in many cases to overcome the structural limits of many buildings.

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