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The cleaning of utensils and food preparation (2 nd part)

Cooking pasta of large format can place it directly into the drum so as to avoid, after, the use of the colander. When the water boils, salt it, put the dough, let it return to a boil, cover with lid. Turn off the heat source and allow to stand for the time necessary to cook, usually ten to fifteen minutes depending on the type of dough used. With the pots IMCO you can prepare the pasta following the same system used for risotto. They get that cold in the casserole ingredients needed for the sauce, pasta and water. While the rice is calculated for a cup of rice and two of water, for the dough is followed by a ratio of one to one, ie to 100 gr. of pasta 100 gr. of water. Heat the pan, lower the heat, cover and cook for as long as necessary.



Chop the onion, place it in the tool cold and heat gently. Stir the onions until browning occurred, add the rice and a double amount of broth, add salt, cover with lid. Past five minutes reduce heat to low and off. Cooking time 20 minutes.



Boil a quart and a quart of salted water. Add 500 grams. cornmeal mix, cover and turn off. After 40 minutes turn the gas on medium flame, stirring for a few minutes and serve. The amount of water or flour depending on how one wishes the polenta (soft or hard).


Adding salt to foods in order to remove their moisture and possibly adding a little water or broth and herbs you get a more pleasing that the cooking is already a good sauce. Otherwise, place the ingredients on the heat source keeping in mind that usually the sauces (béchamel etc..) Must not boil, but getting to the point of boiling (90 °). If the sauces contain ingredients that devonocuocere, follow the general rules of cooking.

Roasted fish

Heat the pan, brown the fish on both sides (do not be afraid if he attacks, after two or three minutes it will come off easily). Add salt, cover with a lid, reduce heat and cook time.

Fish stew

Clean and wash the fish, salt it, put it in the pot. Close the lid, heat up following the general rules, then reduce heat to low and cook.

Baked fish

The recipes in the oven does not involve any difficulties or variant of traditional cooking methods. If not available, the oven can be used to heat a saucepan IMCO it covered for about ten minutes on medium heat, insert the fish and cover with a second pan of the same diameter, previously also heated, leaving the flame to low. Cooking time varies by weight and the amount of the same fish.

Roasted poultry and game

Wash poultry or game, less salt than usual, brown well on all sides in the pan well heated. Cover with the lid. Lower the heat to low and turn off completely if you could see out of steam. According to the thickness of the bird cook slowly for 30 minutes, gaining some ‘heat (for about two minutes). Then back down to continue cooking for another twenty or thirty minutes.

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