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The cleaning of utensils and food preparation (3 rd party)

Having to add splash of wine after the increase of heat. Desiring a crispy skin, once the cooking is recommended to increase a little ‘heat and to wet the skin several times with the sauce until you get the desired result. For young birds, to keep meat, offal, etc.. the pan should not be too heated. For the first few times it is good to use to test heat. Spraying a drop of water on the bottom of the casserruola be cooked but not strong splash.


How to fry without oil and grease: IMCO cooking system allows us to brown the onions without fat fried harmful to our health. For a good risotto with meat sauce: chop an onion in a cooking utensil IMCO. Heat the utensil over medium heat, stirring with a wooden spoon until browned occurred. This will give our sauce with the flavor of a time without damaging our health.


Use the tool to be 0 24 medium or high, putting two fingers of water on the bottom.Place in the “Prestige 2000” the food to be cooked in a water bath, cover and overlap the “prestige” on the tool containing the water. The cooking time varies by the type and quantity that we are cooking.


For the boiled meat broth is used in order to use the traditional system. When the water is put the lid and the heat is reduced to a minimum. The lid should be left until after cooking. If you want to cook meat, bacon, rind or other vegetables must be washed with the piece and put it among the vegetables properly prepared without adding water. The cooking time depends on the weight of the meat.

Roast Beef

Each unit is suitable for roasting IMCO cooking meat, fish, without added fat and oil:

1) heating the baking unit dry most suitable to the amount of food to be roasted, without fat and oil. Heat over medium heat, flame than ever, until you can keep your hand on the lid. The warm-up period varies from 4 to 6 minutes depending on the gas stove that we use. Then place the dish into the tool heat and brown on all sides, cover and leave to a minimum.

Another solution for grease and oil without browning:

2) place the meat into the most suitable (cold). Heat over medium heat until browned occurred without cover. Add favorite flavors. Close and cook to a minimum.

Beef stew

Heat the pan, season to taste the meat, brown well on both sides, add the vegetables, cover, simmer over a low heat for twenty to thirty minutes. Increase the heat to a couple of minutes, then turn off the heat source and finish cooking still for half an hour or more depending on the need.


Wash fruit, peel it would be better not because it is in the skin that are contained in larger amounts of vitamins, let it soak in a little ‘sugar and water (more or less depending on the acidity of the fruit itself). Allow to cook by following the general rules of cooking in mind that the food you cook more quickly up so it’s good, as far as possible, have only one layer of cooked fruit to get all the identical way. Switch off, leave covered. Depending on the quality is sufficient to cook from two to five minutes.

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