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The house of the future is built in five days

After 15 years working in large companies, has decided to begin his solo adventure. The innovative strength, added to their concerns and values of respect for the environment, has led to the design of what she and her partner called the house of the XXI century. Eco-design, autonomous, mobile and built in five days in any terrain. After three years makes its way into the market a few days ago his bravery he received the prize, the European spirit of entrepreneurship 2012.

The contracting company called Vilarasau Noem and Rosa is his alma mater. She and her partner, dedicated to building homes based on a system of modular construction in solid wood, which can efficiently produce shop, design flexibility and quality results to ensure energy efficiency. The key to reaching this entrepreneur says: “They are designed for low power consumption during operation, are designed to harness the sun and only feed on solar energy, the materials are natural and are selected to insulate homes and efficiently and to avoid thermal bridges. In addition, the construction system, no loss of energy through together. “In short, it consumes only 10% of what you need for a conventional home. Additionally, use dry toilets and includes a rainwater recovery. Savings are served.

Regarding the latter, gives prices Vilarasau. A house of 50 square meters costs about 80,000 euros. Larger than 100 square meters, 70,000 more. With this letter, the houses begin to be Noem the market in Spain. Have completed five projects and start now with more ambitious in size and age, as a hotel. However, the client of this type of ‘ecocasas’ is varied, because Noem is a construction that serves as a primary residence, second home or extension of housing and available, and no concrete base required to be installed in the field, which fits. In fact, to be mobile, you can change the place of residence without moving house. “Our customer is a person who appreciates efficiency and speed and quality of our system. We became interested in what people value above all else is not having to ‘deal’ to handle a job, besides being safe surprised to find no delays, unjustified price increases and bad qualities, “says Vilarasau.

Although modular and mobile Vilarasau Rosa explains that they have nothing to do with the prefabricated buildings that anyone may have in mind when reading this article. “Prefabrication is not synonymous with poor quality or temporary, but manufactured in the workshop. This leads to an increase in sophistication, safety and dramatically reduces the waste generated in construction,” he explains. And is that the technology can work with solid building materials with high precision pieces designed by computer, laser cutting, controlled 1-1, etc … “The same precision with which they make cars that are ‘prefab'” employer specific to a similarity which gives an idea of the system Noem. The architecture and ecology is more similar projects: vertical gardens, energy efficient buildings, neighborhoods and communities that use renewable energy and everything is recycled … The latest example of this partnership was the 2012 Pritzker Prize, awarded to China’s Wang Shu and his understanding of sustainable urban development. The fact, one of his best known works of life in a building design to thousands of discarded tiles.

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