Written by Tendenzias

The land for the construction of your house

What is the appropriate place to go to fix our house? In choosing the site, so we have found a number of components to be started by the presence or otherwise of the reliefs that surround the land on which will then be built to our future home. In selecting the appropriate place in which to go to our home building, consisting of land should be avoided major road junctions, factories, land cleared, a former cemetery.

Avoid building on soils with even lower levels than those generally built. If you decide to build your home keep in mind the properties of the same streams, such as the peculiarities of their waters. Yet the terrain chosen will be of major interest in this regard. The land, which would often be elevated from the road. Better land quadrilateral shape or adjacent to it in case of a rectangular shape, the entry should be placed on the shorter side, and ‘home should be built in the center of the shape.

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