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The phases of the renovation of a house


In this article, indicate some essential steps that characterize the operation of highly complex restructuring of your property.

1) Masonry work: essential when you need redefine forms and extensions of the spaces. Walls to break down, fall, rebuilding are in any way the first works to cope in any restructuring. Essential to divide the space according to the needs of the owner, the interior walls of a house can be created in different ways according to need.

2) Work to renovate the electrical system: custom designed format for the needs of ‘user must already provide all the connections, to avoid having to act at a later date with discomfort and required a considerable increase in costs. During the renewal process, the electrical system is often changed from the one provided by law and each owner is obliged to adapt to the rules in force.home-01

3) Restructure the hydraulic system: it is studied carefully as it runs down ‘internal walls and floors. It must be created by skilled technicians, able to provide the certification required for the works. The creation of the hydraulic system go hand in hand with the electrical system and consists in the formation of water points, ie all the steps of pipes inside the walls.

4) Renovation of floors and fixtures: Finally we must choose mattori for floors and walls and doors and windows that will complete the process long, difficult and unfortunately very expensive, such as that of the renovation of your home.

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