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The Shower

rio_led_shower_head_2The shower is one of the simplest components of the bathroom. In fact, when mounted on just a basic shower trays, taps, and a tent.

He has, however, space and resources in our time has not spoiled for choice.

In fact, there are multifunctional shower cabins with a thousand jets of water to the tub, and provided the most advanced technical solutions. Suffice it to say that some of these models in a shower you can freely answer the phone or the intercom to the house. Rage is also small Spa these cabins are sealed beyond the shower functions Turkish bath and sauna. The most advanced examples are entirely covered with wood as a real sauna, and are equipped with all comfort, as a practical bench adjustable. The size of the shower can be volatile, depending mainly on the space you have available. Where it is nevertheless possible to realize a good shower of at least 80 cm per side, it is even better if a few inches more. In this way you will be free in his movements and you will avoid unpleasant contact with the cold walls of the shower. Of large effect are the showers that could be called “open-space”, i.e. those showers are not physically detached from the rest of the bathroom with glass or parts of the wall. However, although aesthetically pleasing, this model solution is certainly not easy to clean the bathroom to splash water. Thus for example a shower defined by the classic walls of glass or crystal is revealed in many circumstances the best place for practice.

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