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“The tablets will have a power similar to the console”

Hironobu Sakaguchi (Hitachi, 1962), designer and developer of video games, came out of your mind Final Fantasy, one of the most decorated franchise in the ’90s, the golden age of role playing games. In 1992, with Final Fantasy VI withdrew from the leadership to take the role of manufacturer of electronic entertainment. After a brief venture into the film world, returned to the game. 80 million copies sold of their titles are the best guarantee of his career. On February 24, debuts in Europe The Last Story, a game developed for Wii, Nintendo home console, which made him regain control. Sakaguchi bets on the phone and compressed formats like the future. The presentation was called this newspaper. Question: How do you envision the future role of video games?

Answer: The graphics and sound will continue to evolve. Not only in this format. We will see more and more advanced phones. P. Do you think the tablets and phones that can compete with the console? A. Whenever you have a similar architecture and hardware. For example, PlayStation Life, which comes out next week on sale in Europe, has some very similar to the iPhone. The tablets will have a power similar to home consoles. I think as a developer has proposed an interesting scenario.

P. Do you think Sony and Nintendo will succumb to this phenomenon and do not make the console?

A. This is a business decision. The fact is that the devices increasingly more technical. In the future there will be much difference between the supports. Soon we will see games made for television. The important thing is that the content sends on the support.

P. As a way to re-direct ‘The Last Story’ after 20 years?

R. The role of producer and director is more widespread than before. In Final Fantasy VI said farewell address, but I stayed close to each creation. Before The Last Story I took a year to think about new ideas. I knew I had always involved, especially the process.

P. The games take advantage of the critical stress as Wii graphics, do you think has peaked?

A. Always compare the graphics are complex, because it is the same expression Mario The Last Story. Always try to cure the most of the artistic aspect, but I think the limit is your imagination.

P. One of its distinguishing features are the characters, as is the process of creation?

R. With great tact and make clear to the reader who is who. Sometimes with details, conversations with each other or comment on aspects of the scenario to create a mystery, and attract interest.

P. In all his titles of the characters have undergone a traumatic life, why?

R. All human beings have some sort of trauma. The important thing is to have a motivation to do something to change things, the brand personality.

P. Despite this depressing and very personal air has allowed users to customize to your liking, must be projected on them?

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