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The work on the House

One of the important moments for the accommodation of their own house is exactly given by the work to be performed in every room. According to the humble opinion of this writer, in order to distribute the workload over time, it would be better divided into different phases all those activities that allow you to arrange your house. The first phase is one in which it is essential to devote time Clean the site and the removal of materials and deposits along the course.

It is therefore necessary, where it is defined by the plane, get busy for the eventual dismantling of the walls in excess. Similarly, it is at this stage that you progress to new interventions in masonry, construction of new openings. Then there is the so-called care of unfinished works by acting on plants, both electric and plumbing and heating and other services. Following is the time to devote to finishing operations, such as the plaster on the walls, but the socket and wall coverings, tile, concrete or wood. Other carpentry work, such as buttons and lights shut the stadium. Finally it’s time to complete with bathrooms and kitchen fittings and install finish carpentry chosen as bookcases and cupboards. Only then we can finally dedicate the ornaments and the actual installation of furniture, such as furniture, fabrics, curtains, etc.. If you are yourselves the leaders of the shipyard, have special care in the design of the work of the days of always leaving a margin between the two periods.

Choose the most skilled workers checking quotes, though with the intention of saving.

Be present on site every day and keep up to date in a uniform way the different specialized teams of any kind of change in the work plan.

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