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Tips for Small Bathroom Remodeling

The first thing that you have to figure out your budget when you make the decision to remodel your small bathroom. How much are you going to spend on this small bathroom remodel project? You want to give yourself some cushion, but there has to be a line that you won’t cross. If you have a budget, then you will have a better bathroom decorating idea for what materials you will be using for the project.

When working with a small bath design, it’s a good idea to purchase all matching fixtures in a light color-preferably bisque or white. These colors will not go out of fashion quickly and they tend to make the room look larger and brighter than dark colors. You may also want to use a light neutral color of tile or paint on the walls with small bathroom design to make the space appear bigger, as well.

Another way to open up a tiny space and make a small bathroom design seem more spacious is to be sure the bathroom is very well lit. This can be a very important part of your small bathroom design-especially since you’ll need to plan for electrical wiring wherever you plan to hook up those lights and the necessary switches, as well. And good lighting is another key to making your small bathroom design functional and practical.

When considering the electrical components, don’t forget to wire in and purchase a bathroom fan. A bathroom fan is essential.

A bathroom with a shower or bathtub, for instance, requires more storage space for large bath towels. A bathroom adjacent to the master bedroom probably requires storage for a wife’s hair products and makeup in addition to a husband’s shaving products and supplies. A small half bath may only require minimal storage space for a few cleaning supplies, a couple of hand towels, and some extra rolls of toilet tissue. Try to use all of your space in the small area wisely.

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