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Tips for cleaning your kitchen floors

cleaning kitchen floors

Hygiene and order are two characteristics that must always be present in the kitchen. To keep the kitchen impeccable we need not assume a great effort, but an easy and constant work in order that the whole family could enjoy an agreeable environment, in which to prepare and to enjoy the food, and happy moments, as part of simple and nice family life. Following are some tips for keeping kitchen floors clean and spotless.

Ceramic floor. To disinfect this type of flooring, we find a lot of cleaners products, who in addition leave an agreeable smell. The joint can be cleaned with white vinegar and a brush, but in order that they remain white it is possible to use some white paint; just spread it with a paintbrush and leave it dry off. The result is amazing.

Wood or parquet floors. This hot and agreeable material -whether massive wood or some synthetic material- is highly used nowadays to cover the soils of the kitchen, but with a special coating that includes a protector against water, which makes it more resistant and easy to clean. The wood floors can be kept clean just by passing over them a humid cloth or a well drained kitchen-maid, having always the precaution of withdrawing any rest of water to prevent it from getting into the joints and avoiding any damage to the wood. In this type of soil the spots of fat can be removed using a conventional floor cleaner, but for the most difficult you can use a cloth moistened with a bit of turpentine.

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