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Toilet brush holder

In 1993, Stefano Giovannoni, a young designer, as well as being an architect conceive the Alessi toilet brush Merdolino represented by Giovannoni and made of thermoplastic resin. Without hesitation, Giovannoni faces a must-have item but “prohibited,” the brush for the toilet, converting it into a thin pot from which sprouts a long, suggestive, interesting shrub!13

With this first object by Alessi for the bathroom, not exempt from criticism for having the courage to touch a difficult subject, Giovannoni brought a breath of poetry in a kind of all unusual for the public but designed to open up new territory for progress.Line beta currently offers a range of toilet brush character fun, interesting and decorative enough to make us be surprised by the fact of coming to observe, among the surprised and amused, complements bath carefully and intensity!toilet-brush HOLDER

And for you’re our children, is designed to form the brush Giraffe in the bathroom, so that it can not be used to keep them always in a state governed to the toilet in their room as simple as being a technologically sound accessory for your bathroom. I mean you own an old bathroom that is totally new or imagine, shining, made entirely of stainless steel, a toilet brush holder with a strong personality capable of associating still something that will certainly stand out in your bathroom.

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